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Updated: Jul 21, 2021

July 20, 2021

A lot is happening! First of all, we have a new website!

Here's the 411: We recently had a series of our images published in Maake Magazine, a quarterly publication and gallery featuring the work of contemporary emerging artists. The recent edition of Maake Magazine, Issue 12, includes an in-depth interview about our point of view and process for our current project Instant Classic.

Next up, we're Queering the Cream City from July 23-August 23rd, where our images are being exhibited at The Alice Wilds in Milwaukee, WI. This is Wisconsin's first ever billboard art exhibition featuring work exclusively made by LGBTQ+ artists! Queering the Cream City is presented as an exhibition mounted simultaneously on the streets of Milwaukee and The Alice Wilds, in conjunction with SaveArtSpace and That Way. (Source: SaveArtSpace).

Liz flies into Grand Rapids on July 22, and then we'll be taking the ferry from Muskegon, MI to Milwaukee for the opening of Queering the Cream City exhibition.

After a year of working together remotely, we're so looking forward to seeing each other in person (first time in seven years) and making the most of our 48 hours together!

We'll be posting pictures and updates from Milwaukee, here on our blog, and on Instagram and Facebook.

Best, Liz and Shane

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