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Art Prize: The Conclusion

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

ArtPrize 2021 is now in the rear view mirror.

During Liz's stay in town, Shane gave her the tour of the "new" Grand Rapids -- so much has changed since she lived here! Liz even got lost when Shane sent her to a hipster coffee shop two blocks away.

When we were kids there were exactly zero coffee shops in downtown Grand Rapids. In olden times coffee was consumed mostly as a freeze dried powdery beverage, brewed at home in a 1960s electric percolator. The fancy 80s brand was General Foods International Coffee, which Liz enjoyed and remembers as the closest thing to a European vacation. Shane was terrified of caffeinated beverages because it put his central nervous system on further edge.

ArtPrize was a rousing three week experience -- seeing the work of other artists, engaging with visitors and basking in the limelight with our special ArtPrize lanyards (which, by the way, got us free coffee).

Special thanks to those who supported us along the way to making this happen:

GRCC, for being our perfect venue and for giving us their financial support; Leanne, Nick, Mike and Dave, you were instrumental!

Sam and Dave at Photoville in Brooklyn, who gave us fabulous advice from initial design to talking us through the steps of the on-site installation.

Lastly, our family and friends, who value our creative pursuits.

ArtPrize 2021 wrapped up October 3rd. Shane attended the artist VIP party in a tightly packed sports bar. It brought back old memories of standing in long lines at dance bars, shouting your drink order at the bartender. Turns out this is much less fun in your 50s.

By then Liz was back in Boston. We excitedly texted back and forth as the top awards in each category were announced. Shane sipped his free gin and tonic and was chagrined to discover that the bartender had not paid attention to the difference between tonic and soda.

What's next for Liz and Shane Studio? Glad you asked! The big news currently is that we've been selected as semi-finalists in The Print Center's Ninety-Sixth Annual International Competition.

Our next blog post will include an HD drone video and Liz and Shane discussing art.

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