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Granny Goes to the Museum

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Currently on display in a gallery corner at the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, MA, our Granny has some wise words to share with the world. Lean in closely and she'll softly affirm, "There are only so many feelings in the world."

Once you have taken in Granny's wisdom and buttery visage, accessorized with white silk stockings and a pair of shiny black pumps, notice behind her the plush interior of the claret two-door Buick LeSabre automobile with its generously large upholstered velvet interior, expansive dashboard, and a carefully placed bouquet of bright red tulips resting on the center console. The open car door luxuriously yawns and beckons.

Spring sunlight comforts the scene, splashing cool shadows on the pavement. We don't know if she is arriving or departing but she appears to be in between moments––contemplative, perhaps. Where will she head to next, gliding away on elegant white-walled tires, cradling those bright tulips in her lap?

The exhibition 5 Years of Aspect Initiative is on display March 26 - June 5.

Visit the Danforth Museum of Art:

100 State Street P.O. Box 9101 Framingham, MA 01701

One more thing before you go––we have a final cut of our ArtPrize2021 video! Thank you, Cory Morse (@corypmorse) for your excellent professional videography work!

ArtPrize2021 Video of Instant Classic on exhibition in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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